Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Family With Our Thursday Night Hype Family

Here is the Shaffer family with our family from Thursday Night Hype. As our kids grow older, our entire family (rather than just me) is able to take part in serving the 'hood. We took this picture and others to give to those whom we are reaching out to that are in jail and prison.


Jes Kast-Keat said...


I can't believe how old your kids are getting! Beautiful family!


watershed said...

Since we live in the same city and you are "praying for me" (by your account) perhaps we should sit down and talk before you level more criticisms. In Jesus,
Daryl Underwood

Jes Kast-Keat said...

Joel...I have new thoughts in regards to the missiological thrust in a pluralistic world. Have you read "Four Views on Salvation in a Pluralistic World"? Currently reading it...very good.

Anonymous said...

Joel can u email me? I have some questions to ask u, thx Rudy